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Reveal your Vitality

Find and increase your vitality and / or that of your animal

Your journey to a better life begins now. Myrtille Girard is here to support you and help you achieve the best results, whether you want to regain, improve or develop your vitality.

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Myrtille Girard: Advisor specializing in vitality development

An Advisor specialized in the development of human and animal vitality through Floratherapy, Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy and Lithotherapy.

Myrtille Girard is an Advisor specializing in the development of human and animal vitality who speaks on a multitude of subjects to audiences of varying sizes. She has always dreamed of having a positive impact on the lives of those around her with natural means, and today is proud to make a living by inspiring, motivating and pushing individuals from all walks of life. and companies to take up the biggest challenges of their lives, simply by (re) discovering the benefits of adequacy, balance, men, animals, plants and minerals.

A strategic approach, thinking outside the box: this is what allows Myrtille Girard to support its clients through all obstacles and challenges, overcoming their doubts and taking great strides to accomplish their goals.

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